Gear Grabbar

Gear Grabbar

Brian Erler

fishing boat accessoriesI used the gear grabber in the Cabela's National Team Championships on our way to a top 20 finish. Not only did it increase our time in the water by making additional lures available for easy access but it also held them in place at 42mph in 3ft waves. I would recommend these for anyone who is serious about catching fish!

Jeffrey W. Hoodhood

Dear Jennifer,

fishing hook holder testimonialI hope that I can put into words just how happy I am with the Gear Grabbar ! I have been fishing since I was 4 and let me tell you, 50 plus years later and 1,000 fish stories that I am so overjoyed with your product. The thing that makes the Gear Grabbar so effective is that I am so organized when I go fishing. I go with so many of my friends from Michigan and the biggest problem has to be the time involved looking for you favorite lure, hook, tool, etc. etc. When you go out to your favorite lake or stream, you have so many things on your mind that being organized in you boat should not be one of them. If the fish are not biting, its time to change lures !! Having my lures hanging in front of me allows me more time to fish more efficient. On a humorous note, all my buddies get so dam mad because I am in the water before they are. I love it ! I am able to tie my knots on the lures with so much less effort. While my buddies are looking in there tackle box for a hook extractor, or a pair of fingernail clippers, or a pair of needle nose pliers, I have all of them hanging right in front of me, right at my finger tips. NO MORE WASTED TIME, WONDERING, LOOKING, GETTING FRUSTRATED, ASKING MYSELF>>>>>> " WHERE ARE THEY ?... WHERE DID I PUT THEM ? Meanwhile, time keeps ticking away ! Be a smart fisherman...Invest in a Gear Grabbar. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!

Good Luck, and keep fishing !

Dann Van Dyke

gear grabbar testimonialThe Gear Grabbar works on my pontoon boat as well as my "fishing" boat. When family and friends are up to the lake and all the kids are running around the pontoon boat, I don't have to worry about them getting stuck with my fishing hooks while brushing up against my Gear Grabbar. Accidents were common with my old lure hangers. But not with the Gear Grabbar. When the kids brush past the Gear Grabbar, the lures release instead of sinking into someone's skin. What a great concept, kid friendly and it helps me catch fish!



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