Gear Grabbar

magnetic fishing lure & tool holder

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Gear Grabbar - Lure Holder & Tackle Organizer



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Gear Grabbar's innovative patented design offers a variety of features to help keep you free of hook injuries.

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  • No need to ever touch the hooks again.  As you bring your lure close to the lure magnet the amazing magnetic force automatically grabs the hook for you and holds it securely. You can hold your lure by its body, not its hook.
  • Gear Grabbar’s magnetic upgrade consists of 9 additional N52 strength magnets which are attached to the 9 permanent lure magnets. Adding this higher power magnet provides approximately 30% more holding power for your lures. The upgrade is useful for the serious angler that fishes and boats in more extreme conditions, driving at higher speeds in rough water.
  • Worry less about having your kids and pets on the boat.  Gear Grabbar keeps your gear neat, orderly and organized. By storing and organizing your lures and gear with Gear Grabbar you can have confidence that you are being proactive to reduce hook injuries.
  • The Gear Grabbar magnetic tool holder offers you reliability. This great feature offers you versatility whether you choose a knife, needle nose pliers, scissors, hemostat, etc. The magnetic attachment will hold whatever your chosen tool is perfectly and securely.
  • Gear Grabbar is designed for more than lure and tool safety and organization. The magnetic top shelf is great for securely holding gear like jig heads, hooks, line snips, hook sharpener, etc.

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